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Let colleagues find you

You do not always want to be found by your colleagues. That's why Mapiq helps you switching of your location on and off whenever you want to. 

Video: How to use location services


Explanation: How to use location services

You can determine if colleagues can find you in Mapiq. When you first logged into Mapiq, you got the request if you want Mapiq to use location services on your device. Don't worry, if you have agreed you can always easily switch location sharing on and off. Off course your location data is not stored and thus completely safe. In the 'You' tab you can:

  • Switch location services on and off using the green slider in the settings part of the tab. This will turn (on or off) your location until you change it again which also causes you don't get recommendations based on your location any more
  • When clicking on 'Share your location' you can also switch it on and off for a predefined period of time (e.g. for 1 hour or 1 week). 

NOTE: switching your location services off, also means that colleagues are not able to locate you anymore. 

NOTE: if you use an Apple device, and want to let colleagues find you even if you don't have the app open on your phone, make sure you set your location services in the settings of your phone to always. 

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