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Use an ad hoc meeting room

If you for some reason need an ad hoc room, you can easily use the 'Here & Now' tab in Mapiq. Here only the ad hoc meeting rooms are visualized. 

Video: how to find an ad hoc meeting room


Explanation: how to find an ad hoc meeting room

When you want to find an ad hoc meeting room, take the following steps: 

  1. If you need a specific room, you can select the type of room you are looking for (see figure on the left)
  2. You can see the availability of the room looking at the status beam underneath the room
  3. By clicking on an available room, you can see the room details (see the figure in the middle)
  4. By clicking on the map item, you can see the location of the room. 

NOTE: This process is based  for ad hoc and short meetings. If you want to book and schedule a meeting, you can the 'Meet' tab

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