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How can I find my colleagues?

If you want to find a colleague in the building, you can use the People tab. 

Video: How to find your colleagues?


NOTE: From your last login you will be shown in the list for a maximum of 7 days without logging in. 

Explanation: How to find your colleagues?

If you would like to find your colleagues you can take the following steps: 

Step 1: Find your colleague in the people tab:

By selecting the 'People' tab, you will see a list of all your colleagues who's location whom have shared their location. The list is alphabetically sorted on last name (see list below). You can scroll down the list, or use the search button at the top of the list to find the colleague you are looking for.  

NOTE: If the last name has a insertion you are found at that insertion. In the example below you'll find Bastian de Graaf under the D form 'de'. 

Step 2: See his/her location right away

When you have found your colleague (in this case Jason Campbell), you can immediately see his location. In this case he is located at Office 03.32 in Floor 3 just a few seconds ago (see figure below).

When clicking on the grey button (in this case Office 03.32), you can will immediately see the room details page where you can find the route to him. 

NOTE: It is possible that updating the location will have a small delay (couple of minutes)

Step 3: Find the details of Jason Campbell

When you click on the name you can see the contact details and his / her current or last seen location. 

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