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Because Mapiq is custom made to fit your situation best, some parts of this page can not be 1 on 1 applicable to situation. Therefore this article gives you basic instructions and generalized information but can differ from the actual situation.

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Get a list of available rooms

Via the 'book a room' section of the menu, you can get a list of available meeting rooms at your time preferences. 

Video: How to use the 'Book a room' section

Explanation: How to use the 'Book a room' section

If you want to use the 'book a room' section you can easily follow the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Click the 'book a room' button in the places tab

At top you can find the 'places' tab, and underneath the 'Book a room' button. Click that button. 

NOTE: the name can vary but the button is always shown in this tab using the following icon

(Optional )Step 1b: Specify your search 

In some cases you will be asked to specify your search. 

Step 2: Select your time criteria:

You can select the day (at the top). With the grey triangles you can adjust the duration of your meeting and by sliding the green time slot you can adjust start- and end time. 

Step 3: Select the room you would like to book

All bookable rooms are highlighted. When clicking the green 'book' button, you can easily book the room. The process is described above. By clicking the room name you can enter the room details page. 

NOTE: in this case there are 22 options where the one on the 'floor -1' is free but the one on 'Floor 1' is not free (faded).

Book this room

For instructions how to book this room, check the 'Make a booking in Mapiq Web' article.