Control lights, temperature and blinds inside of a room

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  • Controls -  Do you see the comfort section in the details page when you click a bookable room? 
  • Don't know which solution you have? Check out this article.

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Because Mapiq is custom made to fit your situation best, some parts of this page can not be 1 on 1 applicable to situation. Therefore this article gives you basic instructions and generalized information but can differ from the actual situation.

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Requirements for comfort controls

It is not possible to control temperature / lights and blinds when you are not inside the specific room. There are two ways how Mapiq can recognize you are in the room. These are:

  1. With RFID or QR codes inside of the room, so you basically have to check in inside the room
  2. When you are checked in using Mapiq Now. In that case see the article about comfort controls in Mapiq now here. 

Control the lights, blinds and temperature 

To control lights, blinds and temperature you can use the comfort controls part in room details ( see the figure below): 

Take control of the room:

First you need to take control of the room, by clicking the green button 'Take Control' just underneath the picture of the room.

Control lights: 

Depending on the settings, you can slide the light intensity from 0 - 100% ferocity. 


You can modify temperature with a maximum of +3 degrees Celsius or  a minimum of -3 degrees Celsius opposed to the standard settings.  Use the slider to control this settings. 


You can open and close the blinds by clicking the buttons 'Closed' or 'Open.'

NOTE: Using the above comfort controls are depended on the scope of the project. 

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