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Location services in Mapiq

Especially in flexible work environments, it is not always that easy to find the colleague you're looking for. In that case Mapiq can help by visualizing the location of your colleagues at that moment. 

Video: how can i let my colleagues know where I am? 


Explanation : how can I let my colleagues know where I am? 

Mapiq can use two type of services so to let your colleagues know where you are. 

Checking in at specific rooms:

Each enclosed room has the possibility to check in. So when you are entering a room, you can check in- and check out in that specific room. Between checking in and out, colleagues can see you are located in that meeting room, so they don't have to bother looking for you. You can check in using the 'who's working here' section in the rooms information page (see figure below). 

So in this case, I'm checked into a room and working here alone. By pushing the check out button I can easily check-out again.


Using location services in Mapiq Now: 

It also possible to be located automatically when using Mapiq Now (the native application). For more information, check this article: 'Let your collegues find you' in the Mapiq Now section of this Helpcenter. 

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