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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can't I book a workplace

We believe by providing you with the insights which workplaces are free you don't have the need to book a workplace at all. No workplace booking makes it easier for you to find workplaces which suit your activities. Not only on an daily but even on a hourly basis. 

You can easily find a workplace that suits your needs by: 

  1. Opening the 'Find a place to work' section in the menu
  2. Select the type of workplace you're looking for
  3. Head on there by clicking the 'show route to...' button

For more information, see the 'Find a specific type of workplace' section.

How can I be sure the workplace will not be occupied when I arrive

Basically you can't. You can check if there is a free place to work and head on there. In theory it is possible that someone else is doing the same and will occupy the desk before you arrive there. We understand that this is frustrating so our advise is to find an area with multiple free desks so this won't happen. 

How do I find (my way to) a free workplace?

You can easily find a free workplace following the next steps: 

  1. Open the floor where you're looking for a free workplace
  2. Zoom in on the area you would like to find the workplace and the workplaces will appear
  3. You will see the available workplaces by green (check marks) and red (crosses) icons. 
  4. Select a workplace and find the route to it by clicking the green 'show route to...' button. 


For more information, see the 'Find a place to work' section. 

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