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Find a workplace in the vicinity

If you are looking for a workplace in the vicinity, you can easily find it in Mapiq Now. 

Video: How to find a workplace nearby


Explanation: How to find a workplace

If you are searching for a desk or area to work in, you take the following steps in Mapiq Now:

  1. In the Here & Now tab, select the kind of workplace you are looking for
  2. As a result you'll see a horizontal (thumbnail) list of all workplaces in the vicinity which fit those selections
  3. Underneath each thumbnail you'll see the current status of the workplace:  
    1. Red = no places available
    2. Orange = enough places available
    3. Green = a lot of free places
  4. By clicking on one of the spaces you'll see acces the places details page
  5. By clicking on show map, you'll find the location of the room highlighted. 

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