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Because Mapiq is custom made to fit your situation, some parts of this page can not be 1 on 1 applicable to your situation. Therefore this article gives you basic instructions and generalized information but can differ from the actual situation.

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Videos have been made to guide the customer through Mapiq, however, recently Mapiq has published a restyle of our environments. This only impacts the visuals of the video, not the functionality. By following the video the same result is accomplished, regardless of the restyle. To remind visitors of this page of this fact an asterisk (*) is added.

The article

There are two ways to find your bookings in Mapiq web.

An overview of all off your bookings (booking tab)

You can use the booking tab, when available to easily find your next meeting. 

Video: How to find your booking using the booking tab*

Explanation: How to find your booking using the booking tab

When you click on the 'Booking' tab, you'll get an overview of your bookings made in Mapiq. Here you can:

  • Select the room by clicking on the room button (grey button) at the meeting item. In the room details page you can find the way to your meeting. 
  • Delete your booking, to free up the room for your colleagues, by pushing the green button ( with the pencil) and push the red bin afterwards. Deleting a meeting will take a moment which is configured so that you can cancel it when you made a mistake. 

NOTE: in the absence of a booking tab, this page can also be available in the 'Your info' tab.

Your next meeting (Your info tab)

Video: How to find your booking using 'Your info' tab*

Explanation: How to find your booking using 'Your info' tab

When clicking the 'Your info' tab, you'll find an overview of your personal information. At this page you can also see the time and the location of your next meeting. 

Note: in our Demo building this feature was disable after the restyle. Therefore, the screenshot is from the old style.

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