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Find and book the right meeting room

If your meeting is not just a quick chat, but will take longer or it will take place in the future. You can better use the 'Meet' tab. 

Video: How to book a suitable room


Explanation: How to book a suitable room

In the meet tab you can fill in your meeting requirements and Mapiq will suggest the best fit. If there is not a perfect match, Mapiq will suggest the best alternatives. If you would like to use suggestion based booking, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the meet tab, in the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Fill in your preferences for your meeting on top of the screen (see the first figure)
  3. After filling in your preferences, you will get a list with meeting rooms, this list is divided in: 
    1. Available meeting rooms - these rooms fit your criteria perfectly (second figure)
    2. Good alternatives - if you adjust one of your criteria there will be a room available (third figure). This is visualized with the orange bar underneath the criteria which is adjusted (for example: For Windhoek, there two options if you change the starting time / duration a slight bit). 
  4. After clicking on the room you can optionally fill in a subject and push the book button (last figure)

You are good to go!

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