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Because Mapiq is custom made to fit your situation best, some parts of this page can not be 1 on 1 applicable to situation. Therefore this article gives you basic instructions and generalized information but can differ from the actual situation.

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Room information page

When selecting a room in Mapiq Now, you'll get more details about the selected room in the rooms information page

Video: how to use the Room/ place details page


Explanation: how to use the Room/ place details page

In Mapiq Now this consists out of: 

  • Photo & name of the room
  • Availability of the room
  • Description of the room
  • People working there

Below you'll find a screenshot along with an explanation of the sections above.

Photo and name of the room: 

At the top you'll find a photo of that room with the name of the room. 


In the availability details section, you can see the availability of the room. The status is based on the occupancy state from the sensor in the room. You can find three kinds of statuses: available (green), a bit crowdy (orange) or not available (red). 

    Note: The availability is depended on the presence of a room sensor


The goal of the description is to give an overview of the room and it's facilities. These are determined in accordance with your company during the implementation process. In the description you can find a textual instruction / description and all available facilities of the room ( e.g. projector, flipboard, presentation screen and the amount of seats present in the room).   

You can also see the rooms' location by clicking on the 'show map' icon. Then a 2D map shows with the place where the room is located.  

Working here: 

If people have been checked in (manually in Mapiq web or automatically with Mapiq Now), they will be visible here. 

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