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Because Mapiq is custom made to fit your situation, some parts of this page can not be 1 on 1 applicable to your situation. Therefore this article gives you basic instructions and generalized information but can differ from the actual situation.

Videos have been made to guide the customer through Mapiq, however, recently Mapiq has published a restyle of our environments. This only impacts the visuals of the video, not the functionality. By following the video the same result is accomplished, regardless of the restyle. To remind visitors of this page of this fact an asterisk (*) is added. 

The article

The information page

In Mapiq Web you can easily select different points of interest. When selecting a point of interest (e.g. a room / a desk or facility) you'll see the information page of that specific item. 

Video: How to use the information page*

Explanation: How to use the information page

The information page can show different parts depending on the item, building or company. The information page will always consist out of one or more of the following items: 



Available (always/optional)

Photo and name of the room

At the top you'll find a photo of that room with the name of the room. If a lot of rooms look similar the same photo can be used for different rooms.


Description of the room

The description part gives an overview of the room and it's facilities. The contents are customized in corporation with your company during the implementation process. In the description field you can find a textual instruction / description and available facilities of the room ( e.g. projector, flipboard, presentation screen and the amount of seats present in the room).  


Availability of the room

In the availability section, you can find the booking- and/ or the occupation status of the room. The booking status is distracted from the booking system and the occupancy state from a sensor in the room. Both are optional. You can find three kinds of statuses: available (green), no show (orange) and not available (red). 

Note: The availability is depended on the presence of a room sensor and a booking integration.


Comfort controls

A optional part of the information page is the comfort section. Here lights, temperature and blinds can be controlled from Mapiq. This will only be possible when your're in that room. For more information check the 'control lights and temperature section'.


People working there

Mapiq can show who is inside of a meeting room, if people have been checked into that room (manually in Mapiq Web or automatically with Mapiq Now).. Because it is not mandatory to check in it is possible that the room is occupied, but you don't see people whom are checked in.


Booking overview

In the booking section you can find all booking related information of the room. At the top you can easily switch between dates using the arrow or the green schedule button. In the timeline you'll find; the timeline ( lightest of grey), the bookings in the past (grey) and the bookings in the future (dark grey). The red line represents the current time. By clicking the green 'Start booking' button you can immediately book the room. 

NOTE: if the button is not present, it is not a bookable room. 

In this area you can also click the 'See bookings' button to see the schedule for the whole day.  



The routing section gives you the route to the room or place. If you are checked in (manually or automatically) the route will start from there. Otherwise it will start from the nearest access point (stairs or elevators), which are also adjustable to your preferences (e.g. for disabled) with the blue bottom. When the route is shown on the 3D map, you can also see the textual description of the route on the floor. You can also see the route from the entrance.


Similar areas

In the similar area's tab you can find similar rooms. For example when the room is occupied, you can quickly find a similar place. Click on the grey button of the room to access that room page. 


An example of how the information is displayed on a room card is shown below.

Note: The right screenshot is normally shown in the room overview page. A separate screenshot was added for clearer visualization.

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