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Book a room

When you have found the room that fits your needs, you can book it in Mapiq. For more information about finding rooms, check out the 'Find a place to meet' section

Video: How to book a room*


Explanation: How to Book a room

Follow the next steps to book a room: 

Step 1: In the room details page, click the blue 'Start booking' button

In the information page of a room you can click the 'Start booking' button in the booking section. 

You will see an interactive timeline where you can set the length and time of the meeting: 

  • Move the triangles closer and further apart to set the duration of the meeting.
  • Find a free time slot by sliding down the timeline. If you've found an available slot the bar will turn blue (see figure below). 
  • When you're not allowed to book a meeting room the bar turns red. At the bottom of the "Booking" block it gives an explanation as to why you're not allowed to book the room. In the figure below, it is because your booking overlaps with another booking.
    Note, you can also see the specific reservations of the room by clicking 'show reservations'
  • With the 'Confirm' button you can finish your booking. 

Step 2: Set the meeting specifications

After confirming the time slot, a window will pop up to fill in your meeting details. Here you can:

  • Set the subject / description of the meeting
  • Fill in your phone number, in case something goes wrong 
  • Fill in remarks if necessary
Note, that none if this obligatory. If nothing is filled in, it automatically sets the description to "Reservation".

If you want to make adjustments in your time frame, you can click the 'Edit' button to adjust it. After submitting the meeting will be saved. 

After you submitted the meeting, you will see the meeting overview. In this overview you can immediately go to your booking overview or immediately undo your booking. 

When your booking is complete, you'll receive a confirmation email (see figure below) and it will pop up in your agenda. If you have to invite more people to the meeting, you can easily do this in the item in your agenda.

Note: in some configurations you will have to accept a meeting invite of your meeting in your agenda

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