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Because Mapiq is custom made to fit your situation best, some parts of this page can not be 1 on 1 applicable to situation. Therefore this article gives you basic instructions and generalized information but can differ from the actual situation.

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Using Mapiq Now interface

Acces Mapiq Now

Mapiq Now is Mapiq's native application. To access Mapiq Now follow the next steps: 

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play
  2. Search for 'Mapiq Now' and download it
  3. Open Mapiq Now and fill in your company's name

      NOTE: This is the same company name used in the example for Mapiq web. 

        4. Log in with your company credentials      

        5. If you want your colleagues to find you, make sure your agree with sharing your location

    NOTE: after accepting this, you can always easily switch off (always or for select period of time). 

6. The location services are based on Bluetooth, so make sure you'll have them switched on

    NOTE: Mapiq NOW is only accessible via on IOS and on Android

Using the Mapiq Now interface

Mapiq Now is optional, so it is possible that this feature is not available for you. Mapiq Now uses your location to give you the best recommendations for your workday in your vicinity. 

Video: How to use the Mapiq Now interface


Explanation: How to use the Mapiq Now interface

Mapiq Now consists out of four components and uses your location to give you recommendations in your vicinity.The main components (tabs) in Mapiq Now are:

  1. Here & Now 
  2. Meet
  3. >People
  4. You

Here & Now - tab

Here & Now is used to find ad hoc facilities based on your location in the building. It consists out of the following main components.

Your shared location: 

Your shared location is the physical location where Mapiq (Automatically or manually) has localized you. This section of Here & Now shows you the name with and image of the room or area you're in. By clicking on the name of the room, you will get to the room details page (see article room details page).

    NOTE: it can take a couple of minutes to update your location. 

Controls around you (optional) 

If provided you can find controls in the vicinity (e.g. lockers, lights & temperature controls,). For more details check the controls page of Mapiq Now

Work spaces & meeting room

In this section all work spaces and meeting rooms in the vicinity are shown. You can see the availability in the colored beam underneath each item (green is available, orange is a bit crowdy and red is fully occupied). By clicking on one of the items you'll get more detailed information and you can use the map to get there. By selecting the drop down menu ('all types') you can select a specific kind of room / workplace. 

    NOTE: here you cannot make reservations, only find a place nearby. 


Here you can see which colleagues are located in the vicinity. 

Meet - tab

In the meet tab, you can find meeting rooms and book them directly. It consists out of:


The selection menu: 

In the top you can fill in your desired wishes for you meeting. It consists out of when (day, time, duration) and the preferable size of the meeting room based on the amount of people joining. 

Available meeting rooms

The rooms that fit your preferences best will be shown first. They're ranked from the best fit down. 

NOTE: If there's no fit to your preference only suggestions are shown 

This might work:

When you scroll down or there is no match that fit your preferences, Mapiq will show you alternatives that might work. For example, start 15 minutes later and there will be a match. When a suggestion is shown, you can see an orange line underneath the adjusted preference. So, even if there is no match you can easily find a meeting room. 

My bookings tab: 

In the top right of the meeting tab you can easily find your bookings ranked on the time they are going to take place. 

People - tab

In the people tab you can find your colleagues that have allowed to share their location. 

NOTE: locations are only visible in at workplaces or in meeting rooms. You are not located in other places in the building. 

Search for specific colleagues:

In the search bar you can search for specific colleagues. You can find all colleagues whom have used Mapiq at least once in the last 7 days. If they do not share their location they will not be visible with a location. 

Colleagues checked in: 

In this tab you can find all colleagues who are in the building and have allowed to share their location. You can immediately see their location withing the building. By clicking on the name of your colleague you can find the best route towards him / her. Here you can also find the e-mailadress which you can use to send a message. 

Colleagues without a location: 

These are colleagues who haven't shared their location or colleagues that are not in the building.

You - tab: 

In the You- tab you can find your personal information, your settings and more information about Mapiq. 

Sign out: 

At the top right you can sign-out of Mapiq. If you would like to sign in again, check the Sign in area of this page. 

Your information:

On the top of the screen you can find your photo and information. If you would like to change your profile picture, use the Mapiq web interface at the your info tab. 


In the settings menu, you can turn off your location. This means you will also loose the recommendations in Mapiq Now based on your location. 

If you would like to keep recommendations based on your location but you don't want to share it with your colleagues, you can use the share your location button. In here you can switch of your location, always or just a period of time. 

NOTE: if you switch of your location for ever your colleagues are never able to find you without reaching out via other channels (message / mail / slack etc).


In the about section you can find more information of Mapiq, such as Mapiq Support and software information. 

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