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Because Mapiq is custom made to fit your situation, some parts of this page can not be 1 on 1 applicable to your situation. Therefore this article gives you basic instructions and generalized information but can differ from the actual situation.

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Videos have been made to guide the customer through Mapiq, however, recently Mapiq has published a restyle of our environments. This only impacts the visuals of the video, not the functionality. By following the video the same result is accomplished, regardless of the restyle. To remind visitors of this page of this fact an asterisk (*) is added.

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Access Mapiq Web

Mapiq Web is accessible through your browser and thus, every device with a browser (laptop, tablet, smartphone, PC, roompanel or kioskscreen). To access Mapiq, follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://<Your_company_name> 
  2. Log in with your company credentials
  3. After logging in you can immediately start using Mapiq
  4. Optional: In case of multiple buildings you will first need to select the building on the 'building selection page,'

NOTE: for optimal performance use Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. 

Using the Mapiq Web interface

Video: How to use the Mapiq Web interface*

Explanation: How to use the Mapiq Web interface

The screenshot below presents itself after logging into Mapiq (in this case a demo environment, in your case a visualization of your office building). The interacting basic components are:

  • Floor selection menu at the left side (with optional occupancy visualization)
  • A 3D model of your office
  • A menu on the right side

After selecting a floor, the floor is shown in the 3D map (see screenshot below). You can immediately see which rooms are being used (red), rooms which are still available (green) and rooms/ areas which are unbookable (for example toilets - blue). 

  • Optional No Shows:  Orange rooms visualize rooms that are booked but not occupied at that moment. 
  • Optional Workplaces: If you zoom in, you can see the occupancy per desk. These can be presented in three states: red (occupied), orange (temporarily not at desk) or green (available). 

How to use the 3D model using a mouse:

  • With your left mouse button you can move the Map. Click on an area in the model and move your mouse. The map will move along. 
  • Using your right mouse button you can spin the map. Click somewhere in the model and move your mouse. The map will rotate. 
  • With your scroll wheel you can zoom the map. The more you zoom, the more details are displayed.

How to use the 3D model using a touch screen: 

  • With one finger you can move the map
  • Using two fingers you can zoom (move your fingers towards each other to zoom in, and away from each other to zoom out). 
  • You can rotate the map using two fingers and spin them (pinch-zoom). 

Clicking on an item: 

  • Opens the detail page of the specific item in the menu on the right
  • You can easily deselect by selecting another place on the map or selecting the 'go back' button  in the top- left of the menu (left arrow)

Using Mapiq Web on your smartphone

Video: Mapiq use the Mapiq Web interface on Smartphones* 

Explanation: Mapiq use the Mapiq Web interface on Smartphones 

When you are using Mapiq Web on your smartphone, the log in section is identical to logging in through a browser. Mapiq adjusts your phone and visualizes the menu only. When you want to use wayfinding it is shown on a 2D map to speed up the experience. You can still use the 3D map, you are given the option to toggle between the 2D or 3D map in your settings tab within the Mapiq Web interface. 

Tip: Bookmark your company URL for easy access from your phone. 

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