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Because Mapiq is custom made to fit your situation best, some parts of this page can not be 1 on 1 applicable to situation. Therefore this article gives you basic instructions and generalized information but can differ from the actual situation.

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"Mapiq the story

Back in 2012, Sander Schutte and Jasper Schuurmans were friends at the technical University of Delft. Both loved engineering and during their PhD found out that entrepreneurship was way more fun than doing research. Shortly after, they started their first business with the product Virtualock. Virtualock was a laptop alarm to secure your laptop. Born from the idea that students leave their laptops unattended in the library.

However, the corporate world faced another problem which could be solved with the technology Sander and Jasper developed. There was much more need to support people in big offices with finding free desks in flexible environments. One thing let to another and ... Mapiq was born.

The big breakthrough of Mapiq came in 2014. The Mapiq software was implemented by Deloitte in their 'The Edge' building at the Zuidas. With Mapiq the Deloitte staff members could easily find places to work, meet and meet eachother without having to spend valuable time searching for it. The building managers then got a truly unmatched insight into how the building was used. It was very special to play such a big role in such a magnificent and ambitious project. 

Sander Schutte: “After the flying start with the Edge project, we quickly gained the trust of big players. As a result, we could quickly build partnerships and a customer base and boost the quality and scalability of our product”

The Edge was off course a boost and obviously a great way to get to the next step with Mapiq. Soon after, other corporate followed – Akzo Nobel, PWC, Unilever.

Mapiq in a Nutshell?                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Mapiq makes Activity Based working ... Work.

  • Your office in a 3D model
  • Always a meeting room within reach
  • Make flex-work work with the right desk at the right time
  • Find your favorite colleagues anytime, anywhere
  • Adjust any workplace to your personal needs

Mapiq, the basics

It's your platform

Mapiq help you have a great day at work and is custom build to your situation, which means that: 

  • your office is build in a 3D / 2D model
  • all solutions are custom fit to your office
  • the names of area's / rooms etc. are matched to the names your company uses
  • Integrations with your office systems (e.g. booking systems like Exchange or Single Sign On to log in with your companies credentials) 

All this to make sure you get the most out of your work day. 

The solutions

Mapiq is build modulair which means that you have the solutions which fit your companies needs. Mapiq consists out of six solutions: 


Your entire office in 3D. The Mapiq Platform is the backbone of your smart office and is the base on which all other solutions are added.

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Give employees an overview of every room and support ad hoc meetings. With this solution, employees can easily book a space with their smartphone.

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Plug this popular module into your Mapiq Platform and employees will never have to worry about finding an available—and ideal!—workplace again.

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Add this solution to inspire ad hoc meetings, help teams quickly locate one another and increase face-to-face contact among employees.

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Add this solution and give control to your employees. A single swipe or tap of a button adjusts their working environment to their personal preferences.

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This powerful module helps you minimize no-shows, see workplace occupancy, identify underutilized spaces and reduce costs—all on a single dashboard.

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The Mapiq interfaces

Mapiq is available on two different interfaces:

  • Mapiq web, reachable through your browser on all devices 
  • Our native application, your personal assistant at the office, which is available on your Smartphone. The application is called Mapiq Now. 


Mapiq Web

Mapiq web is accessible from all devices with a browser. The picture below shows the interface of Mapiq Web. At the left side you can see the floor selection. Next to that you can see the 3D model of your building, On the right side you can find the interactive menu. The different parts of the interface communicate with each other.  

Note: When you use Mapiq Web on devices with small screens ( e.g. your phone) then only the right menu is shown. There is a map available in 2D to let you have a smooth experience.  


Mapiq Now:

Next to Mapiq web there is a native application, Mapiq Now. Mapiq Now is optional, so this part can not be applicable to your situation. 

 Mapiq Now uses your location to give you the best recommendations in the vicinity. We often compare it with ordering a pizza:  'If you order a pizza you don't want all the pizza places in the country but only those in the vicinity.' 

Three main components of Mapiq Now are in a nutshell: 

  • Here and Now gives you recommendations based on your location
  • Meet gives you the option to select the perfect meetingroom 
  • People let's you find colleagues in the building and reach out to them

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