Mapiq - Infrastructure migration 4th of November

On Friday, November 4th, we will be upgrading the Mapiq application’s infrastructure. This upgrade is necessary to continue properly and stably developing and releasing features in the product. Upgrading our infrastructure will cause downtime to our services, during which Mapiq will not be available. As we are expecting downtime, we are obliged to notify you, our customer, two weeks before the planned maintenance. The downtime will impact the following services:

The downtime will start around 10:30UTC and is expected to last around one to three hours. During this time, Mapiq will provide updates in this post.

  • Maintenance is officially in progress. On the web, users should see a message that the app is unavailable due to maintenance. For the mobile app users simply can't log in. Please follow this topic to get the latest update on the progress.

    Note that Mapiq will be down for approximately 1-3 hours from here on out.

  • We're roughly an hour into maintenance, and we're on schedule.

  • Good news, Mapiq is back online! All services are accessible again. Meaning that the following services are restored:

    Be aware that even though the services are available again, we're still busy with the maintenance. This means you can experience some degradation of our services.

  • Our planned maintenance is completed. All services are back online and ready to be used again. All went according to our planning, if there are any worries or questions, please reach out to our support team.